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A Brief History of Buton Rock Asphalt Development

July 1, 2009

Recently developed concepts and new applications of technology and science activities, originates from the concerns of scientists and the public world of depleting petroleum resources in the future. To overcome the problem of the stretcher on the scientists and R & D centers around the world are competing to find new efficient technologies and replace / substitute the use of asphalt and other elements derived from petroleum. In the course of this research found that many materials in the nature of natural asphalt, physical characteristics are at least close to the asphalt oil.

Asphalt is a substance composed of malthane and asphalthane, this material is available directly in nature, petroleum distillates and synthetic / artificial. Asphalt is available immediately in the nature of Rock Lake Asphalt and Asphalt, the physical features of Rock Asphalt shaped rocks or grains of sand unisex small portion have been found in a semi-liquid phase, whereas most of Lake Asphalt on the discovery of discrete semi-liquid berfasa . In Indonesia, has found many elements of both natural asphalt from the island of Sumatra to the island of Buton. But the most famous natural asphalt from Buton island because they have the asphalt content is greater than other asphalt-bitumen has been discovered in Indonesia.
Exploration of natural asphalt from Buton Island (asbuton) was done very fast and big, and his research was done and still occurs today. The discoveries of natural asphalt technology that have been achieved when this new oil can be asphalt efficiency of about 10-20%, 50-20% by adding natural asphalt into the mix as an additive to asphalt mixtures adiftif. Development of further research carried out to substitute 100% by oil bitumen natural asphalt, in the process of substitution of this trip happened many obstacles in the process of purification (extraction method) of natural bitumen from bituminous minerals, this is because calcium and silica content in the asphalt itself the amount of natural more from its mineral (± 90-70%). Natural asphalt as a material chosen adiftif or substitution on asphalt, because the content of bitumennya have better properties than oil but bitumen natural asphalt itself has a weakness easily brittle.

Research hitherto carried out to perform purification and improvement of properties of natural asphalt, this purification process actually can be done by all researchers of natural asphalt, but still there is a problem at the plant level process due to the price of purification processes require solvents that are expensive, so the calculation of final prices bitumen natural asphalt unit will be the same or more expensive than asphalt oil.

For that other research done on the solvent extraction process with an alternative without the addition of chlorine and other compounds containing the substance to improve the properties of natural asphalt itself, and solvents as well as the additional elements that are available in many forms in nature degan a relatively cheap price.

In American research on natural asphalt is continuing by all academics and researchers, because this is an alternative material other than concrete, and abundant in nature. Purification was first done by researchers in America are the result closer to chlorinated solvents, this solvent was THF (Tetra Hydro Fluoro) this substance is contained in the corn cob, limonene these substances are contained in orange peel, terpene contained in pine trees, etc..
That’s all investigated alternative solvents and most likely result will be but a solvent that is very hard to come by and expensive, because not many factories that make such materials, because the entrepreneurs who engage in it think not advantageous when making these substances on a large scale.

Hope is a perfect use of natural asphalt in the asphalt mix can be done immediately, as this may be efficient alternatives to the use of petroleum and asphalt can be a source of renewable power in Indonesia in general and particularly the island of Buton

There are many company of Rock Buton Asphalt Producers in Indonesia from mining, processing and contractor. List of company :

  3. PT. Buton Asphalt Indonesia
  4. PT Saran Karya
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  1. August 4, 2009 8:38 am

    halo ini blog-nya hendri hadisi? yang orang PU itu? yang kerjanya di pusajatan toh? salam kenal.

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